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Starting on February 3, 2024

by Deep Bhatia, MFIP, FIIPC, EFIAP 

Course Curriculum


In this Course you will Learn:



Learn to set up your ideal studio on any budget. Uncover tips for creating a personalized workspace that aligns with your preferences without breaking the bank.


4 P's:

Consider 4 P's: Pocket (budget), Place (space), Passion (interest), and Purpose  (motive) before setting up your studio.  Achieve clarity on these factors to lay a strong foundation for your venture

Explore diverse lighting sources from powerful strobes, constant light, flashguns  to  window lighting. Unlock nuances of each type, honing precision and creativity to craft striking portraits.



Also you will learn about different types of Light Modifiers and Soft boxes.



Beyond lighting, explore a spectrum of creativity with various Accessories. Master their application to refine and enhance your portraits & elevate your skills with versatile techniques.



Uncover the distinctions between soft and hard lighting, exploring the transformative impact of modifiers and precision achieved through grids.  



Learn the intricacies of DSLR settings. Use of histograms as a substitute for traditional light meters, gaining insights into exposure and composition.


Gain insights into a variety of backdrops designed to enhance your creative space. Learn how different types can impact the mood and style of your photographs


Gain insights into a variety of backdrops designed to enhance your creative space. Learn how different types can impact the mood and style of your photographs



Uncover the Portraiture Triangle—exploring lighting techniques, emotional nuances, and other key elements. Acquire a holistic understanding to create captivating portraits.


Learn physics of light with the Inverse Square Law. Uncover its application in portrait photography.  Gain the skills to manipulate lighting for compelling portraits, adding a nuanced dimension to your photography repertoire.


Learn physics of light with the Inverse Square Law. Uncover its application in portrait photography. Gain the skills to manipulate lighting for compelling portraits, adding a nuanced dimension to your photography repertoire.


Discover a spectrum of portraiture styles, including the enchanting realm of fine art. Learn to evoke emotion and create visually stunning portraits that transcend the ordinary, enriching your photography skills.


Explore a variety of portrait styles, including the intriguing realm of conceptual portraiture, in our course. Uncover techniques to convey unique ideas and narratives.


Explore a variety of portrait styles, including the intriguing realm of conceptual portraiture, in our course. Uncover techniques to convey unique ideas and narratives.

ART OF POSING :                          

Master the art of posing. Acquire techniques to guide subjects, create flattering angles, and evoke natural expressions. Enhance your ability to capture compelling and visually appealing portraits through the nuanced skill of effective posing.


Understanding the significance of expression in our course. Learn techniques to elicit and capture authentic emotions, elevating your ability to create compelling and impactful portraits.


In our course, delve into the realm of light modifiers. Explore their impact on illumination and master setup angles. Acquire the skills to sculpt and control light, enhancing your ability to craft visually captivating and well-lit portraits.


Uncover the diverse patterns of lighting. Explore techniques to create stunning effects and moods. Master the art of choosing and manipulating light patterns, adding depth and dimension to your portrait photography.


Explore a diverse array of lighting patterns. Unlock the secrets behind various techniques, adding depth and dimension to your photographs. Master the art of illuminating subjects for visually striking and compelling portraits.


Uncover the art of low-key lighting for portraiture. Delve into techniques that create dramatic contrasts and evoke moody atmospheres, enhancing your ability to craft captivating and visually impactful low-key portraits.


Master the techniques of high-key lighting for portraiture. Explore methods to achieve bright, even illumination, creating a luminous atmosphere. Hone your skills to capture visually stunning high-key portraits with precision and creativity.


Master the art of skin retouching using only a mouse in our course. Learn techniques to achieve professional results, refine skin tones, and enhance portraits effortlessly. Elevate your post-processing skills for polished and flawless images with ease.


Explore advanced techniques in our course to master skin retouching using a graphic pen tablet. Elevate your skills, achieve precise control, and create professional-level enhancements.



In our course, delve into the intricacies of skin retouching tailored for high-key portraits. Learn specialized techniques to refine and enhance skin tones, achieving polished and radiant results in your portraits.





Learn to Capture Emotions &




I attended and enjoyed the well designed Indoor Lighting photography course conducted by Mr. Deep Bhatia with his vast experience and profound knowledge. In this course shared the details of different lighting equipments, alongwith utilities and functions. This is well knitted, crisp, specific photography course with useful contents. I am amazed with his way of sharing the idea of photography, concept of model shooting, lighting effect of Low key and high key, with tips of postures, mood and costumes of model which are my treasured experience. He also enriched us with his knowledge of editing process of portraits with photoshop. This is my excellent learning experience and waiting further development of course contents in future.

PROSANTA KUMAR DAS,  Kol. Sep 15, 2023 

Purbendu Chatterjee

I am really lucky to attend and enjoyed the well designed Indoor Lighting class programme conducted by Mr. Deep Bhatia with his vast experience and profound knowledge. In this course first he gave us the idea of different light equipments, and their directional utilities and functions. I was overwhelmed with his way of sharing the idea of photography, concept of model shooting, lighting effect of Low key and high key, with few tips of postures, mood and costumes of model which are my treasured experience. He also tried to enrich us with his knowledge of editing process portraits with photoshop. This is my best crash course in my life and hoping to be favoured with the aforesaid idea in future.

 Purbendu Chatterjee, Kol. Sep 15, 2023


  Subrata Kumar Das 


Joining DEEP BHATIA PHOTOGRAPHY ACADEMY, led by Master Teacher, Mentor and Guide, Shree DEEP BHATIA, who has profound knowledge in his genres whether it is PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY or any other courses he conducts, I personally learned a lot and every time get refreshed, sharpened my skills with more intricacies on subjects and became rich with his innovative ideas and techniques. The best part of it is the uniqueness of his presentations of the courses using slides, videos, analysis of assigned works, deliberations and lastly interactionsamongst participants help a lot to understand any topics thoroughly. One can find it easier while go for practical. Despite my association with photography for a pretty long time, still I feel the necessity to join his classes without missing any one to update myself with new ideas and get in touch with his innovative ways of thinking on subjects where much R & D jobs were done could be observed. I always recommend anyone who has love and passion for learning Photography remain associated with our beloved DEEP Sir. Attending his courses, you will feel confident and progress a lot. REGARDS Sir.

Subrata Kumar Das, Kolkata, Sep 11,  23 


  Desh Bhushan Jain 


I am very lucky to have attended many of the online courses on different genre of photography conducted by Deep Bhatia Ji viz. Still Life, Portraiture, Creative & Surreal Photography, Basic and Advance Liquid Droplet Photography Course I have even repeated many of the above courses for further learning.

I am very lucky, happy and honored to have Deep Bhatia Ji as my mentor and guru. His training techniques and teaching methodology have been very unique, creative and simple. The mind and heart of each individual participant gets fully charged, involved and absorbed in the same.

It is because; Deep Bhatia Ji tries to share each minute details of the knowledge of photography with his disciples, which now a days, mostly avoided. As he has put together many years of experience and hard work in his simplified way of presentation through PPT and small video clippings, he has made the understanding of the subject easy and interesting. Participants need not spend time in reinventing the same. He is very gentle, sober and helpful in clarifying the doubts on various photographic problems. He also provides knowledge about different photographic equipment, how and from where to procure them from different sources and how to use them.

My sincere gratitude to Deep Bhatia Ji, for sharing his vast experience and knowledge and hand holding us to the various aspects of photography.

Desh Bhushan Jain, Noida, April 14, 2023


Basudeb Chakraborty, MPSA, EFIP/B,  

I am one of the oldest participants of Online classes of Deep Bhatia Photography since 2020. Though it is online, a feeling of homely felling along with the participants from home and abroad will persists throughout the period. The entire class and atmosphere will turn into a homely feeling as if sitting side by side in a room. Being a wildlife photographer I was always lacking behind the intric of Indoor Portrait Photography with artificial Light set up. As I live in a remote part of Bengal I had very seldom opportunity to develop the skill in absence of appropriate and methodical learning that is the key factor for expertisation in any field. Here, In Deep Bhatia online photography classes I have found out the dictionary of learning in every nook and corners of Portrait Photography. Now I feel proud that my images get awards and acceptances that was beyond my dream. I repeat every time, because there is changes in every course which is always updated with new thoughts and procedure that is essential for keeping me updated. The fees structure for a course of 30 days consisting of 8 classes is affordable by avery body. As the moto of Mr. Deep Bhatia is to spread his thoughts and years old experience to the remote, the Fees we pay is less than the minimum. To the best of my feeling, the school like teaching with practical approach followed by face to face evaluation and online assessment during one month course will get injected in to one's heart which we can not learn over the years. Thanks to Deep Bhating Photography.

Basudeb Chakraborty, Raiganj,

        Indranil Chakravarty

Being a part of the recently concluded online Indoor Portrait Photography course conducted by our beloved and extremely knowledgeable Sir, Mr. Deep Bhatia has been one of the most beneficial things in my life. His deep knowledge about various genres of photography and art (both theoritical as well as practical) and immense editing skills which he does with absolute ease very aptly syncs with his name. Sir's meticulous and proactive ways of teaching make the entire session very lively and engrossing. With due respect to all my teachers, mentors, guides that I have come across in various phases of my life, I must admit that teachers like Deep Sir are hard to find. I am also overwhelmed by the huge collection of awards he has in his baggage which itself speaks volumes about his great artisitic and aesthetic skills. Indeed what a talent !! Really feels proud to be associated with such a personality. I have done multiple online courses under him and am currently doing another course in Still Life Photography which is also being quite brilliantly conducted as always. Will certainly recommend others to join his courses as the great advantage of his curriculum is the fact that one is able to even watch the recorded version of the entire class for future references or in case one is unable to attend some sessions. Morever, in my opinion the fees for his courses seem to be quite reasonable considering the time period of the courses and the amount of information that is shared by him. I for sure will definitely be a part of his other photography courses in the future. I will always be praying for a very healthy and prolonged life of Sir for many more years to come to keep on being the active guiding light for many aspirant students like me. With best regards.

Indranil Chakravarty, Kokata. Sep 12, 2023 



Smita Goyal

Dear Bhatia Sir, I always wonder how other people get such a beautiful image in droplet photography. I tried with manual setups but it was hard to get good consistent pictures. Then I heard about Droplet Photography course by you and immediately join the course. Based on your recommendation and encouragement I joined Advanced Droplet photography directly and so far, no regrets, I am able to manage pretty well with all the course content provided by you.

Every class of yours taught me many new things. You explained every small thing like Camera angles, Flash light adjustment, accessories, equipment, cleaning of equipment so well that we hardly face any issues while working. The best part is, you never shy away with sharing your experiences which you get during working in new techniques. I will keep joining most of your upcoming courses. It’s great learning experience with you. Thanks sir. Best regards

Smita Goyal Bangaluru, , April 13, 2023

Sarajit Sil 
I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot about how to take better Studio Portraits. Deep Sir was clear and concise, and the explanations were easy to follow. The course covered a wide range of topics, from basic lighting techniques to advanced post-processing. I felt like I came away with a good understanding of the fundamentals of Studio Portraiture. I appreciate the hands-on exercises and assignments that were included in the course. Those helped me to solidify my understanding of the concepts that were being taught. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in taking better Studio Light Portraits. It is a great way to learn the nuances of lighting and post-processing in an engaging and informative way. I am fortunate to gain the knowledge concisely in this short course which Deep Sir has achieved over years of experience.

Sarajit Sil, Karnataka, Sep 10, 2023, 08:45 AM


Dr Tulika Saha

Having completed the Indoor Portrait Photography course, I can't express how profoundly transformative and personally enriching this journey has been. The course structure, blending assignments with immersive online practical classes, has reshaped my approach to photography. These practical classes, under the mentorship of Deep Bhatia sir, made theory come alive and ignited a renewed passion for visual storytelling. It's not just a course; it's an invitation to a creative odyssey that I wholeheartedly recommend to fellow photography enthusiasts. Dive in and discover a world where every click captures emotions and every frame tells a unique story.

Dr Tulika Saha,  Kolkata Sep 11, 2023, 12:38 AM

Dr Aniket Chatterjee

The indoor potrait photography course was a brilliant one indeed. Apart from the instrumentations the main thing to learn is to understand's necessary to understand the nature of light after seeing a picture and that's the first pivotal point to make strategy to edit the pic..and it is impossible without knowing the technique of how to create the picture from the scratch...may it be a low key or high key photo..that's the USP of this course so far...another take home for me is the PEN TABLET... it's a massive help for me in editing...more over it has been a privilege to know the informations and lessons from the master of mentors, Mr. Deep Bhatia sir...he is truly a gem of a person I must say....the way he has set the curriculum was just stupendous...I wish to learn a lot from him in future...

Dr Aniket Chatterjee, Raiganj Sep 11, 2023,  


A Few Indoor Portraits


Deep Bhatia, MFIP, EFIAP, EFIP



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Deep Bhatia Photography 

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Deep Bhatia has embarked on a remarkable journey in the realm of Photography. He has secured over 600 National and International Awards and received more than 6000 Acceptances in prestigious National and International Salons, Photo Competitions, in 24 countries around the world, in addition to numerous displays in India. He has come out with recorded courses and also hosts online classes covering various genres, including Water Droplet Photography, Still Life Photography, Post Processing, Creative, Surreal & Conceptual Photography, Studio Portraiture, and Glassware Photography at

600 National & International Awards and 6000 Acceptances won by the Mentor in 25 countries


What you will learn 

Indoor Portrait  Photography (Low Key & High Key) Online Live Classes on Indoor Portrait Photography are starting from 4th August, 2023. There will be 8 Live Classes on Tuesday and Friday at 7:PM. Duration of each class will be about 100 Minutes. The recording of all classes will be available at with life time access and also at one more platform. All the classes will be interactive on Zoom platform.

Learn the art of capturing stunning indoor portraits with this comprehensive Indoor Portrait Photography Course. Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring professional, this course will teach you the techniques and tips to create compelling portraits in photo studio or in any indoor setting. From controlling lighting and composition to posing your subjects and editing & re-touching your photos, you'll gain all the essential skills needed to capture captivating indoor portraits.

This comprehensive live program aims to teach you the art of capturing stunning indoor portraits, whether you're a beginner or an aspiring professional. From setting up your studio with the essential equipments, backdrops, and props to controlling lighting using high key & low key lighting techniques, you'll learn to create the right atmosphere for your portraits. Understanding composition principles while gaining expertise in guiding and posing subjects will enable you to capture natural and flattering expressions. The course also covers post-processing & skin re-touching techniques using Photoshop to enhance your images through color correction, exposure adjustments, and skin smoothening. You'll explore different indoor portrait styles, develop your signature approach, and draw inspiration from renowned photographers. By the course's end, you'll have acquired the essential skills needed to create captivating indoor portraits. Whether you want to pursue a career in portrait photography or simply improve your skills, this course empowers you to unleash your creativity and produce stunning results.

Course Completion Certificate 

Learners will be automatically issued this type of course completition certificate on getting at least 40% marks in a Quiz to be conducted online on this website in last class


(Starting from February 3, 2024)


 Deep Bhatia, MFIP, FIIPC, EFIAP


Deep Bhatia Photography

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