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Deep Bhatia has embarked on a remarkable journey in the realm of Photography.  He has secured over 600 National and International Awards and received more than 6000 Acceptances in prestigious National and International Salons, Photo Competitions,  in 24 countries around the world, in addition to numerous displays in India. He has come out with recorded courses and  also hosts online classes covering various genres, including Water Droplet Photography, Still Life Photography, Post Processing, Creative, Surreal & Conceptual Photography, Studio Portraiture, and Glassware Photography at

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Indoor Portrait  Photography (Low Key & High Key) Online Live Classes on Indoor Portrait Photography are starting from 4th August, 2023. There will be 8 Live Classes on Tuesday and Friday at 7:PM. Duration of each class will be about 100 Minutes. The recording of all classes will be available at with life time access and also at one more platform. All the classes will be interactive on Zoom platform.

Learn the art of capturing stunning indoor portraits with this comprehensive Indoor Portrait Photography Course. Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring professional, this course will teach you the techniques and tips to create compelling portraits in photo studio or in any indoor setting. From controlling lighting and composition to posing your subjects and editing & re-touching your photos, you'll gain all the essential skills needed to capture captivating indoor portraits.

This comprehensive live program aims to teach you the art of capturing stunning indoor portraits, whether you're a beginner or an aspiring professional. From setting up your studio with the essential equipments, backdrops, and props to controlling lighting using high key & low key lighting techniques, you'll learn to create the right atmosphere for your portraits. Understanding composition principles while gaining expertise in guiding and posing subjects will enable you to capture natural and flattering expressions. The course also covers post-processing & skin re-touching techniques using Photoshop to enhance your images through color correction, exposure adjustments, and skin smoothening. You'll explore different indoor portrait styles, develop your signature approach, and draw inspiration from renowned photographers. By the course's end, you'll have acquired the essential skills needed to create captivating indoor portraits. Whether you want to pursue a career in portrait photography or simply improve your skills, this course empowers you to unleash your creativity and produce stunning results.


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Basudeb Chakraborty ,  MPSA, EFIAP/S, EFIP/G

 I took part in one month's on line Studio Portrait Photography arranged by Mr. Deep Bhatia, from 2nd March 2021. I am basically out of this track as my chapter is some other. But I never ignored it. I had had keen interest in Portrait photography. In absence of proper theoretical as well practical knowledge I could not expertise myself so far. After following 8 online classes on Studio Portrait Photography followed by retouching, my knowledge has increased manifolds.

Mr. Bhatia vividly explained every nook and corner so that any lay man can understand. Right from Studio lighting arrangement, selection of Model Camera and Lens settings etc etc. Practice and Practice makes a man expert. So to achieve the Master Class there is lot of things to do. He has given all the resources and seeds. Implementation now, depends on me. I have been enriched a lot and now I can realize what faults were within me. Because no body made me to understand the art as he has done. Retouching of Portrait Photograph plays a vital role. I think 40% accuracy and beautification lies on Post Processing. Mr. Bhatia has explained the method very clearly keeping no reservation within. Now I repent my self, had I met him more earlier I could have availed more opportunity and progressed a lot. Last but not the least, heartily thank all the disciples and students of different age, sex and profession from all over the world who accompanied with me in the class and encouraged me to this effect. 

 Basudeb Chakraborty, Raiganj,  26.3.21


Subrata Kumar Das, EFIAP, EFIP, MICS

Firstly, I mention that learning from DEEP BHATIA Sir, is an Extra Ordinary experience in any of his genre of Photography. As a Mentor he is so creative, dedicated, passionate, attitude of sharing knowledge to the participants are all exemplary and act as a motivation to take to a higher level. His ways and skill of teaching is very effective, subjective, creative, descriptive while using the Digital media for teaching. Joining his courses are excellent opportunities to enter in the amazing world of Photography, I hardly want to miss and even for a revision purposes too. Prices fixed for the courses are very minimum but learning’s are priceless. I extend my deep gratitude to you Sir.

Subrata Kumar Das, Kolkata 


Dr Raju Nair

 Hi Am Dr Raju Nair from kerala . I learned about Deep Bhatia Photography online training via social media . I think it was on conceptual photography . I just enrolled without any clue about the course . But after attending that course I realised how vast is the potential of photography. Mr Deep Bhatia is a wizard .. he is a great teacher .. he explains all the intricacies with repeated easy to digest modules in a structured way . After each module once we start experimenting we feels that he brought us near the ocean and we can swim at your pace and how much and how far is you to decide … sign of a great teacher . After that course I attended back to back courses on Portrait , Droplet , Photoshop etc . It was an amazing experience … if any one like to learn photography .. I can easily say “He is the man “. Only after joining with him I learned about different salons and how organised the photography world and how deep is the different journeys of different type of photography . I loved to be a student of sir for my lifetime .

Dr Raju Nair Kottayam, Kerala

April 15, 2023


Sarabjit Pandher, AFIP, ATPAS, Hon. FGNG, Veteran Journalist

While photography transformed from an enigma to a passion, I realized that not only was it ever changing especially along technological advancements, but I needed a teacher, who ensures that I do not have to re-invent the wheel every time I embarked on a journey.I have been following Mr. Deep Bhatia for almost 10 years now. He is a friend, elder brother, teacher, guide and mentor. While I seek answers to many of questions related to photography, he has provided a direction as well as anchorage to my pursuit. The quest to learn more from him, made me join the Tricity Photo Art Society (TPAS), where I met more like-minded photo artists. As part of the TPAS activities, I attended one workshop on Still Life Photography that was mentored by Mr Bhatia. That event changed many things for me. Not only did I win medals, awards, honourable mentions and acceptances, I could also secure the AFIP certification from the Federation of Indian Photography. 

COVID proved to the proverbial silver living in the dark clouds. Mr Bhatia started his online courses/ classes. So far, I have attended the ones about Basics, Still Life, Studio Portraiture, Droplets and Photoshop. I have repeated some of them. Mr Bhatia is one of those few teachers who with utmost ease helps you to take your own steps in honing the skills, bridge the gaps and build on your strengths. When you repeat the same course, you realize that Mr Bhatia has amply updated himself about the changes that have come along since he last spoke on a particular topic. 

My entire approach has improved ever since I started attending Mr Bhatia’s online courses. Now, while taking an image, I am more aware of the rules of photo art. I am also considering the various editing steps I would need to take to improve the image. I can sense the improvement in analysing the images even before I release the shutter. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mr Bhatia is keen to share his knowledge and experience. Above all, he does not want you to become a copy, but develop your unique identity and niche in photography. Thank you Mr Bhatia. 

Sarabjit Pandher, Chandigarh,  April 24, 2023


Desh Bhushan Jain, EFIAP, EFIP April 14, 2023

 I am very lucky to have attended many of the online courses on different genre of photography conducted by Deep Bhatia Ji viz. Still Life, Portraiture, Creative & Surreal Photography, Basic and Advance Liquid Droplet Photography Course I have even repeated many of the above courses for further learning.

 I am very lucky, happy and honored to have Deep Bhatia Ji as my mentor and guru. His training techniques and teaching methodology have been very unique, creative and simple. The mind and heart of each individual participant gets fully charged, involved and absorbed in the same. 

 It is because; Deep Bhatia Ji tries to share each minute details of the knowledge of photography with his disciples, which now a days, mostly avoided. As he has put together many years of experience and hard work in his simplified way of presentation through PPT and small video clippings, he has made the understanding of the subject easy and interesting. Participants need not spend time in reinventing the same. He is very gentle, sober and helpful in clarifying the doubts on various photographic problems. He also provides knowledge about different photographic equipment, how and from where to procure them from different sources and how to use them. 

 My sincere gratitude to Deep Bhatia Ji, for sharing his vast experience and knowledge and hand holding us to the various aspects of photography.

Desh Bhushan Jain,   Noida


Smita Goyal,  April 13, 2023

Dear Bhatia Sir, I always wonder how other people get such a beautiful image in droplet photography. I tried with manual setups but it was hard to get good consistent pictures. Then I heard about Droplet Photography course by you and immediately join the course. Based on your recommendation and encouragement I joined Advanced Droplet photography directly and so far, no regrets, I am able to manage pretty well with all the course content provided by you. 

Every class of yours taught me many new things. You explained every small thing like Camera angles, Flash light adjustment, accessories, equipment, cleaning of equipment so well that we hardly face any issues while working. The best part is, you never shy away with sharing your experiences which you get during working in new techniques. I will keep joining most of your upcoming courses. It’s great learning experience with you. Thanks sir. Best regards 

Smita Goyal Bangaluru

Indoor Portraiture Course 


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Indoor Portraiture 


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Mr. Deep Bhatia has a comprehensive vision of the area and an expression par excellence. Though, I too belong to the same field but his perception and aesthetics in the field is unparalleled and peerless. I was exposed to great mentorship that enabled me to adjust my skills, thinking. His association has radically transformed my outlook. He is gentle and genuine, offering excellent support and guidance, and always addressed my concerns. Being a part of this program with its unique mentoring system provided me with clarity and direction. For this I will always be grateful. Thank you for changing the trajectory of my career for the better. I can never truly express how grateful I am. Regards 

Dr. Amit Kumar Johri 

Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed to be University) Agra,  April 19, 2023

Course Completion Certificate 

Learners will be automatically issued this type of course completition certificate on getting at least 35% marks in a test to be conducted online on this website in last class

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