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Water Droplet Photography

(Manual Method)

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Water Droplet Photography using Manual Method

"Unleash the Magic of Water: Master the Manual Method to Capture Mesmerizing Droplet Photography"

Instructor: Deep Bhatia, Deep Bhatia, MFIP, EFIAP, FIIPCLanguage: Hindi, English

You can create this type of  Structures: Crown, Jet, Collisions, Shapes, Abstracts using low cost Manual Method    

About the course

Course Description:

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of Manual Water Droplet Photography with our comprehensive Master Class. Discover the art of capturing stunning water droplet photographs using manual techniques. From unraveling the fascinating physics behind water droplet formations to mastering high-speed photography, you will acquire the expertise to freeze water droplets in motion and create visually striking images with minimal itemes and accessories.


Key Highlights:


Master Manual Techniques: Dive deep into the manual methods for capturing water droplet photographs,  giving you complete creative control over your shots.


Unlock the Science: Gain a profound understanding of the science and dynamics behind water droplet formation, setting the foundation for your photographic journey.


Exploration of Equipment: Explore a  range of simple items and tools used in water droplet photography, including cost-effective options ranging from INR 100 to 1000.


Perfect Timing and Liquid Preparation: Master the art of precise timing and liquid preparation, crucial for creating captivating water droplet images that stand out.


Manual vs Electronic Methods: Understand the differences and costing between manual and electronic methods, enabling you to choose the approach that best suits your creative and budgetary preferences.


Polish Your Post-Processing Skills: Learn to enhance your water droplet photographs through post-processing techniques, adding the final touch to your artistic vision.


What You Will Learn:


Learning Outcome 1 - Mastering the Art of Water Droplet Photography:

Understand the intricate science behind water droplet formation and the nuances of high-speed photography.


Learning Outcome 2 - Crafting the Perfect Shot:

Set up a small lab environment and harness the full potential of your DSLR and Flash Gun through manual settings for complete control over water droplet photography. Learn the difference and costing of manual and electronic methods.


Learning Outcome 3 - Budget-Friendly items  recommendation:

Discover cost-effective items and simple accessories required for  making the world of water droplet photography accessible to everyone.


Learning Outcome 4 - Creative Water Droplet Structures:

Learn to create various water droplet structures, including crowns, jets, collisions, abstracts, shapes, and more, allowing you to express your artistic vision.


 Unlock the secrets of manual water droplet photography and capture the mesmerizing beauty of liquid in motion. Join us on this educational journey to expand your photographic horizons and create compelling, eye-catching images.

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Course Completion Certificate is rewarded to those learners who have completed all the course items in this course.


Embark on a captivating journey through the lens of Deep Bhatia, a distinguished artist who has left an indelible mark on the world of photography. With a profound passion for the art form, Deep's photographic voyage commenced as a hobby in 1986 during his tenure as an Economic Officer in the Government of India. Since his retirement, he has dedicated his life to the realm of Photo Art, both as a creator and a mentor, nurturing the talents of emerging artists.

Deep Bhatia's odyssey spans over 38 illustrious years, where he has garnered an astonishing collection of over 600 National and International Awards and more than 6000 Acceptances in prestigious National and International Salons, Competitions, and Exhibitions. Deep Bhatia's influence extends far beyond his own accolades. His profound commitment to sharing the wealth of knowledge amassed over his journey has enriched the lives of over 10,000 photography enthusiasts. Through webinars, classes, workshops, lectures, and personal coaching, he has ignited the spark of creativity in countless individuals. Many of his students have flourished in their respective photographic pursuits, a testament to his remarkable mentorship. 

Amid the challenges of the pandemic, Deep Bhatia pioneered a series of online classes in his specialized genres. This is an unique combination of Live Classes and Recorded Courses and focused on:1. Still Life Photography 2. Glassware Photography, 3. Photoshop for Photographers, 4. Creative & Surreal Photography (Photoshop), 5. Studio Portraiture (Traditional – Low Key & High Key), 6. Water Droplet Photography (Basic with single Dropper),7. Water Droplet Photography (Advanced with 3 Droppers) 8. Water Droplet Photography with Manual Method. 

For Deep Bhatia, photography is more than an art form; it's an enduring journey shared with his students. Together, they explore uncharted territories, embrace challenges, and celebrate the beauty of creativity. As Deep Bhatia continues to enrich the world of photography through his ingenuity and mentorship, his legacy shines as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

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