Creative & Surreal Photography (Photoshop)

Dare to Move on  by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

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Welcome by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC 

Symphony by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

Conquer by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

People Change by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

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Hope-2 by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

Angelica by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

A Tribute  by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC


Memories by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

Against Odds by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

Floating Island by Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, EFIP, FIIPC

About the course

Welcome to our extraordinary course tailored for photographers who are eager to explore the realm of unconventional and surreal imagery through the remarkable capabilities of Photoshop. Designed to ignite your creative spirit and encourage you to venture beyond the boundaries of traditional photography, this course offers a comprehensive journey into the world of digital manipulation and artistic expression.

Throughout this course, you will delve into the depths of Photoshop's vast array of tools and features, unlocking their potential to manifest your wildest ideas and imagination. You will learn how to seamlessly blend and harmonize different elements extracted from your own photographs, weaving them together into a single captivating and innovative composition. By embracing the power of Photoshop, you will transform ordinary images into extraordinary works of art that challenge perception and captivate the viewer's imagination.

We will guide you through the intricacies of Photoshop, ensuring you grasp the fundamental techniques and advanced methods required to bring your creative visions to life. From mastering selection tools and layer masks to employing advanced blending modes and adjustment layers, you will develop a solid foundation in the technical aspects of digital manipulation. Simultaneously, you will be encouraged to explore your unique artistic voice to execute ideas that push the boundaries of traditional photography.

By the culmination of this course, you will possess the skills and knowledge to create stunning, thought-provoking, and captivating creative and surreal images that will elevate your work above the rest. Armed with an arsenal of Photoshop techniques and an ignited imagination, you will have the power to transport your audience to mesmerizing worlds and challenge their perception of reality. You will also carve a distinct path for yourself, setting yourself apart as a visionary photographer capable of transcending the ordinary.


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