Advanced Water Droplet Photography

Water Droplet Photography (Advance) 

* Learn How to set up the Lab (Advance)

* Learn about 18 techniques

* About 55 Videos (Coming up)

* 4 Online Live Classes

 * 58% Discount

* In Hindi and English


Learn How to Create Double Collision  in Multicolor

Learn How to Create Triple Collision in Multicolor

Learn How to Create Stacked Strctures  in Multicolor

Learn How to Create Faminine Figures  in Multicolor

Learn How to Create Collision and Chakri in the Air  

Learn How to Create Multi Exposure Collisions in Multicolor

 How to Create Refraction & Reflection of any Image in a Drop  

Learn How to Create Strctures with BLO Technique 

Learn How to Create Abstracts Shapes in Multicolor

Learn How to Create  Side by Side Collision in Multicolor

Learn How to Create Collision in Wine Glass in Multicolor

Advance Level System

3 Droppers  System for 3 Colors 

 Appx 20k with few Accessories  INCL BASIC

Discuss  at 9888040643 before ordering

Also needs Stand, Trays, Colors, Gum, BG etc 

For Lighting we need Flash Guns

Join this Course to learn everything

Learn How to Create  Collision in Soap Bubble  

Learn How to Create Creative Compositions  in Multicolor

Learn How to Create Stacking in Reflections in Multicolor

Learn How to Create  Collision with Fusion Technique in Multicolor

About the course


This course is designed for photography enthusiasts who want to take their skills to the next level and capture stunning water droplet photographs. You will learn advanced techniques, equipment usage, and lighting setups to create unique and captivating images. Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of water droplet photography and unlock your creative potential!

Key Highlights:

  • Master the art of capturing mesmerizing water droplet images
  • Learn advanced techniques to control water drops and create dynamic compositions
  • Discover different lighting setups and equipment options for stunning results

What you will learn:

  • Learn advanced techniques
    Explore advanced techniques to control water drops, capture their shapes, and freeze motion for unique and captivating images.
  • Master equipment usage
    Understand the essential equipment needed for water droplet photography and learn how to use them effectively to create stunning visuals.
  • Master lighting setups
    Discover various lighting setups, including natural light and artificial options, to add depth, drama, and creativity to your water droplet photographs.
  • Develop your creative style
    Learn how to develop a unique and personal creative style in water droplet photography, including composition techniques and post-processing tips.
  • Tips and tricks
    Get insider tips and tricks from experienced photographers to enhance your skills and overcome common challenges in water droplet photography.


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Advanced Water Droplet Photography

Master the art of capturing stunning water droplet images

Instructor: Deep Bhatia, MFIP, EFIAP, FIIPCLanguage: Hindi, English

Course Completion Certificate 

Learners will be automatically issued this type of course completition certificate on getting at least 40% marks in a test to be conducted online on this website in the last Live Class 

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